Marcie Yant
Graduate student in geosciences
Stony Brook University

Scientist in the Making

By Jasmine Blennau

Educators and women’s advocates often bemoan the gender stereotyping that discourages young girls from being interested in science and aspiring to careers in research. But that wasn’t a problem for Marcie Yant. Growing up in Indiana, she launched model rockets, joined the Young Astronauts Club at school and loved science so much, she says, that “I took every class that I could.”

Yant didn’t lose interest when she got to college: She graduated from Indiana University with a double major in geology and biology—with minors in chemistry and psychology—and is now working toward her Ph.D. in geosciences at Stony Brook University on Long Island.

Yant came to Stony Brook in 2012 to work with Deanne Rogers, a geologist specializing in remote sensing techniques and laboratory spectroscopy to study planetary surfaces. Rogers has been her mentor ever since and invited Yant to join her on the RIS4E field study in Hawaii to assist her in taking spectral images on the lava flow with a thermal infrared camera.

“Deanne has been a great advisor to me,” she said. “She is so enthusiastic, encouraging and I know I’m learning so much from her.”

Yant enjoys being outdoors and tries to do fieldwork whenever she has the chance, but also feels a great sense of fulfillment from working in the lab environment. She says she’d eventually like to be a professor and conduct her own research.

“I’ve always liked helping students and being in the lab,” she said. “Becoming a professor is the best way to combine both of those.”

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